Memorial for Our fallen during WW2



Just outside the entrance to the ”Kastellet” and the so-called  ”Smedelinje” you’ll find the memorial for those fallen in Allied or Danish service during WW2. The monument was revealed on 5th. May 1960 (15th anniversary for the liberation of Denmark) at a ceremony, and every 5th May since flowers and wreaths are laid here as a salute to those, who gave their life for freedom.

The bronze statue is done by the sculptor Svend Lindhart in 1957, which is why he signed it with this year, and it was cast at Lauritz Rasmussen’s foundry.

The monument is erected by means from private contributors.

It shows a private soldier in allied uniform and a rifle in his hands. He is thought by the artist to present a soldier right after battle, standing with his head bent, remembering the fallen comrades.

It is erected to commemorate all those fallen on 9th April 1940, those fallen on 29th August 1943, in the “Danish Brigade”, and all those who fell as volunteers around the world, be it in jungles or deserts in Asia or Africa, or on the battlefields of Europe.

The place was chosen just outside the “Kastellet” due to the fact, that the dramatic action of the occupation 9th April 1940 were concentrated around here, and it is just across the Naval base Holmen, where the sinking of the navy 29th August 1943 was a crucial part of history during the occupation.