Small house in Fyns Ravelin

Fyns Ravelin is very well preserved, and has awoided the havoc of later years. Here we find a beautiful small house, built in 1709 by entrepreneur Pelli as an ”arkelihuus”, which means a house for the artilly, or more precisely for those men using the guns here. The house was described 1709 as being 9 alen in lenght and 6 wide wiht a roof of red tiles. It held two small rooms and an open chimney. We learn no more about the house until 1805, where it is in use by the artillery corps of the citadel, it’s original purpose, but soon after it was changed into a living house. First a blacksmith of the Artillery lived here, and after 1821home for a retired Horn Blower of Sjællandske Jægerkorps. In 1843 a skilled Assistant of the Military Clothing Service lived here, and in 1849 a blacksmith of the garrison. At least the latter is known to have had a small garden beside the house. Today used as a tool shed for those men of the Communal service that takes care of the area.

The house in 1981