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Kort over Kastellet

Finding Your Way in ”Kastellet” (Citadel of Copenhagen)

“Finding Your Way” is a very different tour of the historic citadel – a treasure hunt, where the treasury is fun and exercise, historic insight, and maybe even new knowledge. The very aim is to get more people out to orientate and get some motion, and also to give a different offer on insight in the history of the “Kastellet” through the ages.

Download a PDF with map and more information

The tour is divided in 22 items. In the map they are marked by a purple circle. The place, you’re supposed to find is in the center of the circle. You’ll find a picture of every item in the folder. When you find the picture, that fits the place where you are standing, you’ll want to write the letter of the picture in the square at the bottom of the map. The letters will form a short sentence.Turens længde er ca. 3,8 km.

The distance of the tour is about 3,8 km. You may also create your own tour with fewer items, and then perhaps continue another day. It’s completely up to yourself.

Read about the items

  1. The Kings’ Gate
  2. Artillery Barracks
  3. The flagpole at the General’s House
  4. Stenbock's Prison
  5. The Powder Magazine
  6. The Bakery Bridge
  7. The Jail behind the Church
  8. The Slaves
  9. The Windmill
  10. The Execution Place
  11. The Prison Tower of the Northern Gate
  12. German Air Raid Shelter
  13. Armament
  14. A German Concrete Bunker
  15. The Jail behind the Main Guard
  16. The Monument for Our Fallen
  17. Northern gate was blown up by the Germans
  18. Sortie gate seen from Bornholms Ravelin
  19. Monument in Møens Contregarde
  20. Small house in Fyns Ravelin
  21. Memorial for Our fallen during WW2
  22. Anders Lassen and Kaj Birksted


Participants in the Project

  • Historic text: Finn Andersen og Niels Elsborg, Kastellets Venner (
  • Fotos: Henrik Knudsen
  • Map: Finn Blom Christensen, Lyngby Orienteringsklub
  • Lay out: Dansk Orienterings-Forbund
Bøger der kan købes her på hjemmesiden, klik på bogens forside for mere information.
Koebenhavns volde Kastellet foer og nu Kastellete afloeb

De tre bøger i denne linje er skrevet og foreningens medlem og guide Flemming Sejer Eriksen.

Flemming udgiver selv bøgerne, men de kan købes gennem foreningen.

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Da krudthuset var faengsel thumbs Kastellet som det aldrig blev thumbs Kastellet den 9. april 1940 thumbs Bunkeren i Kastellet
thumbs Faengselshistorien 2 thumbs kanonbog moelle Tyskerne i Kastellet 200



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